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Assignment: Gender Gratification Essay

Assignment: Gender Gratification Essay


As established earlier, social stratification connotes a system used by the society to rank people in hierarchy based on their categories. People are socially stratified on various levels such as religion, race, class, ability, socio-economic status, ethnicity, and gender. It is against this backdrop of social stratification that gender stratification arises. In sociology, gender stratification is defined as the social ranking where men are accorded higher status than women (Macionis, 2017). The higher privilege and power men enjoy can also extend over transgender and people who do not conform to any gender. In turn, gender inequality has been widespread as a result of gender stratification. Women and men have different lives across the globe, but mostly men are dominating.

Virtually everywhere across the world, women have been regarded as inferior to men. Men have had and continue to enjoy power and ranking than women. This male dominance has resulted in patriarchy which is witnessed in most aspects of private and public arena. For instance, there are many men holding public offices, defining the society, formulating societal rules and regulations, and arguably controlling women.  On the other hand, the possibility of occurrence of matriarchy is limited and may not probably materialize in the near future. For instance, the women in America got the opportunity for the first time in this century to vote, own property, serve on a jury, and testify in court. It, therefore, implies that it will take remarkably a lot of time for them to achieve matriarchy. This situation applies to the rest of the world.

Sociologists argue that the gender inequalities witnessed in education, politics, employment are attributed to sexism.  Sexism connotes belief that a particular sex is inferior or superior. In most cases, the assumptions have been made that women are inferior to men. Consequently, sexism has impacted women negatively by discouraging them to avoid following certain professional paths that

Assignment Gender Gratification Essay

Assignment Gender Gratification Essay

are associated with masculinity such as military, engineering, politics et cetera. That is, sexism advances inequality between men and women mainly through discrimination. For instance, in the workplaces, it is not surprising to see women earning lower salaries than men despite working in comparable positions. Besides, sexism can encourage gender inequality in an understated manner such as making men to feel superior to women and the society believe this to be true. In case of such situations, the competitiveness ability of women is drastically reduced because of low self-esteem and lowered expectation. Ultimately, once the women are undermined, they tend to show little achievement.

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There are different theoretical analyses of gender. To begin with, symbolic interaction analysis theory argues that there are different approaches to gender and women are expected to be more differential. Besides, this theory states that gender outlines routine life since the traits and practices of gender are construed socially, replicated, and armored through routine interactions. For instance, while seeking help from a man, one may opt to state his or case logically appeals to an analytical trait that is often linked to masculinity. Likewise, when dealing with a female, one might make an emotional appeal to rouse sensitive and relational trait often associated with femininity.

On the other hand, the interactionism theory that argues that social processes such as conflict, identity development, and cooperation emanates from human interaction. Interactionists argue that gender stratification is propagated by the act of people towards one another based on the meanings they have formulated for each other. This school of thought believes that the meanings are obtained by interacting socially and they are managed by and changed through the process of interpretation that is used to make what is appealing to the need of the people in their social world.

Social-conflict analysis on its side argues that gender involves variations in power. Usually, social interaction is a process that happens in person and encompasses actions, reactions, and shared version involving two or more people. However, this theory states that people tend to control other participant’s behavior during interaction to enable them get requisite information and to control the viewpoints of one’s image. This analysis opposes the conservative ideas about gender and it tends to lower the degree of cooperation between men and women. Besides, it suggests that gender stratification is mainly caused by capitalism.

The rise of feminism advocacy in the recent decades has showed remarkable strides towards achieving gender equality. In particular, the feminism advocates for social equality for both genders and discourages sexism and patriarchy, an end to sexual violence, enhancement of sexual freedom, expansion of human choice, eliminate gender stratification, and increasing equality. However, sociologists argue that a lot of things should be done to eliminate the gender inequalities in America and the rest of the world.  Feminism emphasizes that patriarchy system of power is responsible for intricate relationships in the society anchored on male supremacy. Consequently, marginalization and oppression of women is not only propagated by gender, but also other factors such as class and race.

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