Assignment: Family Health Assessment Part I

Assignment: Family Health Assessment Part I

Assignment Family Health Assessment Part I


Appendix A: Interview Questions And Responses

  1. Values/Health Perception: What is the general health status of your family? Do you usually follow the doctor’s recommendation to the latter when given? How do you support each other when it comes to medical therapy?

Response: Currently, I find my family to be healthy, despite the minimum health complication that we have dealt with in the past. As a family, we firmly believe in the qualification of our family physicians, and normally takes his recommendations very seriously. Whenever any of the family members is seek, we usually take the initiative of helping them take their medication in time and help them have enough rest.

  1. Nutrition: What nutritional values on the labels are you frequently concerned with? What kind of foods do you take? How often do you maintain a healthy diet?

Response: I usually shop for the same products most of the time of which I am fully aware of all the nutritional values indicated on the labels. For breakfast, we normally take a bagel, cheese, and eggs while other meals differ depending on the mood of the day. We have always been trying so hard, especially when we are together to eat a healthy diet.

  1. Sleep/Rest: How many hours do you normally spend sleeping at night? Does any of the family members have any sleep disorder? How often do you check on your kid while they sleep?

Response: I usually sleep for a minimum of 6 hours together with my husband, while we encourage our kids to sleep for 8 hours. None of our family members have sleeping problems. I check on my kids every night before I sleep and wake them up in the morning to prepare for school.

  1. Elimination: Does any of the family members have an abnormal bowel movement? When was the last time you had your GI checked? What about the other family members?

Response: We usually have a full body check up every month. None of our family members has ever been diagnosed with an abnormal bowel movement. The last time we all went for a checkup was two weeks ago.

  1. Activity/Exercise: How often do you exercise? What kind of exercise do you do? What kind of physical activities do other members of the family engage in?Assignment Family Health Assessment Part I

Response: I usually try to exercise every week on Saturday, by taking my dog for a walk for around 1 hour. My husband usually goes to the gym with my 18-year-old son sometimes. Sometimes I usually take my daughter for the walk.

  1. Cognitive: Is any of the family members suffering from any cognitive disorder? Is there any instance that you ever felt confused? How does the family make decisions?

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Responses: None of my family members has ever been diagnosed with a cognitive disorder. Whenever I am overwhelmed with house chores, I usually get confused and even forget my phone at home when going to work. Most of the family decisions are typically made

Assignment Family Health Assessment Part I
Assignment Family Health Assessment Part I

after dinner, with all the family members making contributions.

  1. Sensory-Perception: Does any of the family members use any kind of hearing or visual aid? How are your test buds? How have the family members been handling themselves during meals?

Response: My husband puts on glasses. The other members of the family do not have any problems with their hearing or vision. I find my test buds normal. I am pretty sure the test buds of all the other family members are also normal given that we usually enjoy dinner together with none complaining.

  1. Self-Perception: How do you see your future? Tell me what you think about yourself? Do you participate actively in making decisions concerning the family?

Response: I just completed my muster degree in finance, and believe that I will be promoted coming the next financial year. I am very enthusiastic and hardworking, and frequently feel appreciated by my husband and kids. Every member of the family usually participates actively when it comes to family decision making.

  1. Role Relationship: How do you find your marital relationship? How close are you to other family members? How close are you to your kids?

Response: My marital status is excellent but less fun as it was when we only had Brandon. Currently, we have limited time to ourselves. I love both my husband and my kids, and we relate very closely with both of them.

  1. Sexuality: How often do you engage in sexual intercourse? Have you or your husband ever been diagnosed with any sexual dysfunction disorder? Have you ever gone to a sex counselor together with your husband?

Response: Our sex life is normal, as we usually try to have enough sex every week. We both do not have any sexual dysfunction disorder. We have never visited a sex chancellor as we have never encountered any problem in our sex life.

  1. Coping: How do you handle yourself in stressful situations? Have you ever encountered a prominent stressful situation in your family? How do you help you, family, when it comes to handling stress?

Response: I am usually calm and self-withdrawn when I am stressed. However, when I am stressed about my job, I usually talk to my husband to resolve the situation. Our family business was once falling apart while I was doing my masters, and we ended up having a financial burden that we could not resolve. Whenever any of our family members are stressed, we usually encourage them to open up and talk to someone.

This assignment has two parts: The Questionnaire Part, which requires you to ask three open-ended questions to a family and consequently document the answers. The second part is using the questionnaire and answers to conduct a family focused functional assessment in 3 pages.