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Assignment: Different Aspects of Patient Care Journal

Assignment: Different Aspects of Patient Care Journal



Clinical placement provides an opportunity to integrate theoretical knowledge into practice. During week 10 of my nursing practicum, I acquire knowledge related to different aspects of patient care. This journal provides an illustration of the four conditions that were of most important interest during week 10.


In the course of practicum, I spent 6 hours attending to a patient with a cardiovascular condition. Specifically, the female

Assignment Different Aspects of Patient Care Journal

Assignment Different Aspects of Patient Care Journal

patient was diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction (MI). In the medical history, the patient had a high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes mellitus. The patient received diuretics for hypertension and was also on diabetes medications. As for MI, the patient underwent angioplasty procedure as a remedy to unblock arteries. On medication, the patient received Accupril 80 mg PO x 1 daily to lower blood pressure and also received Acebutolol 400 mg PO x 2 daily to relax the heart muscle (Coventry et al., 2015). She was requested to visit the facility after one month for review and adjustment of medications. The patient was advised to adhere to DASH dietary plan and to take part in regular but tolerable physical exercise.

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During clinical placement, I spent 4 hours with a male African American patient diagnosed with migraine. Initially, the patient reported persistent headache that lasted 3 to 4 hours every day. To management the condition, the patient has been using Tylenol over the past month and reported no improvement. Upon evaluation, the patient received Sumatriptan 25 mg PO 1 x daily medication and was discharged for outpatient reviews which was scheduled after three weeks (Coventry et al., 2015). The nurse in charge of the patient provided health education where the client was instructed to reduce stress and to limit intake of caffeine as this increase the severity of the condition.


In this week, I spent 5 hours in an outpatient department and observed the care for a patient with asthma. On admission, the 65-year-old Caucasian complained of dry cough, shortness of breath during exertion but had not received any medication for her condition. The patient was examined by a physician and followed by a recommendation for medications. The nurse in the department administered an inhaled medium dose corticosteroid (Beclomethasone 84µg and Antileukotriene) 2 to 4 puffs 2 times daily (Barnes, 2015). She was instructed to begin with 64 mg per day for the first two weeks to monitor compliance the dose is adjusted at 2 to 3 mg per kg based on tolerance. The nurse instructed the patient to report after one month to the facility for review and upon discharge, she was advised to avoid allergens and encourage on moderate regular exercise.

GI Disorder

Finally, towards the end of week 10, I encountered a patient diagnosed with Gastroenteritis following consumption of a contaminated food. The patient reported no history of allergies and had never before been diagnosed with peptic ulcers disease. However, the patient reported diarrhea and vomiting over the last two days. The patient bisacodyl, a laxative to manage the complication (Suntrup et al., 2015). The patient was instructed to visit care facility if complications persist. The patient was educated on the need to maintain hygiene as a remedy to the condition.


During week 10 of practicum, I learnt approaches to provide care to patients with different conditions. The most intriguing part of placement was on the value of health education for patients upon discharge. Every client received information on self-care and I believe that I will implement this aspect in future practice.

Week 10 journal Reflect patients with a cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, GI disorder during your a practicum experience describe personal and medical history drug therapy and treatment and follow-up care and explain how that might have impacted or influence her care.

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