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Assignment: CLC Facebook Survey

Assignment: CLC Facebook Survey


There are questions that can be misunderstood in the questionnaire. One of them is the question on posting political and not posting political items on my Facebook page. The questions appear confusing to the respondents because it is expected that if one strongly agrees with not posting political items, then he indirectly disagree with the statement. One question on the topic could have been adequate. The question of feeling better after reading posts on Facebook can also be misunderstood. The feeling of better is subjective. It can have different meanings to the study participants. Therefore, including the word relaxes me might contradict with what another person perceives as feeling better.

Some of the questions are also biased. One of them is the question on feeling better after reading Facebook posts. The concluding statement, I feel relaxed, makes the whole question biased. The feeling of being better is subjective. The questionnaire is also biased on the nature of the questions asked. It focuses more on questions about feelings than those related to the importance of Facebook. The unequal focus of the questions is likely to produce results that are skewed to one side.

The wording of the questions is leading. The respondents have a direct understanding of what is being asked in each of the questions.

Assignment CLC Facebook Survey

Assignment CLC Facebook Survey

However, the questions are repetitive. For example, the researcher has asked the question that I feel better after I read posts on Facebook as it relaxes me. The same question has been reframed in question 16 where the researcher asks about feeling happier after visiting Facebook. One question could have been adequate in this case as a way of avoiding repetitive questions and responses.

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The best response format has not been used. The response format that has been used in the questionnaire is appropriate for some questions. However, closed ended response could have been used in some of the questions. For example, question one of having a Facebook account could have just been answered using yes and no format. The same responses could have also been used in questions two and three since they are specific to the number of times that Facebook is used.

There are questions that one might be forced to lie to appear more desirable. One of them is the question related to posting political issues on Facebook. One might be forced to either agree or disagree with this question as a way of appearing to be informed or not interested about the political issues affecting them. The participants might also be forced to lie in their response to the questions on the use of Facebook for professional purposes. Not all the Facebook users utilize it for professional purposes. However, they might lie to use it for such purposes to appear professional in nature. The other question is about one’s feelings when reading about friends’ vacations on Facebook. The respondents might be forced to agree with this question to appear to have good feelings about others’ success as shown in the social media.

Moreover, the questions are worded the way they are because they aim at providing the most accurate responses on the participants’ social desirability bias (Erford, 2017). They will provide the researcher with insights into the perception of the users towards Facebook and validate their intentions on its use. The questions also focus on assessing the knowledge, attitude and practices of the respondents. Therefore, through these questions, the research will be able to determine the social desirability of Facebook among its users.

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