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Assignment: Adult Depression Essay

Assignment: Adult Depression Essay


For adult female and male patients between the ages of 30-50 years of age who have been diagnosed with major depression (P) will exercise therapy (I) compared to pharmacological treatment with antidepressants alone (C) decrease symptoms of depression (O) over a period of 3 months (T).

Adult depression is often managed using primary care. It normally occurs alongside certain somatic illness. However, evidence-based studies have led to the realization that hitherto unheralded methodologies such as exercise therapy can also manage the symptoms of adult depression. The adoption of these non-pharmacological treatments has occurred due to the fact that pharmacological therapies result in polypharmacy and other drug interactions. A study by Schuch et al. (2017) revealed that exercise therapy is indeed efficacious in the management of adult depression symptomatology after a critical analysis of several studies.

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The authors further posit that the studies that they analyzed had a wealth of evidence concerning the reduction of depression

Assignment Adult Depression Essay

Assignment Adult Depression Essay

biomarkers after the initiation of exercise as a therapy among the various populations who were incidentally adults of varied ages, denoting late adult depressive symptoms. However, Schuch et al. (2017) noted the absence of symptom heterogeneity screening during the exercise interventions, which they suggest that future studies should examine.  Al-Qahtani, Ashique, and Shaikh (2018) assert that depression is a major health burden that correlates with impaired functioning and deteriorating quality of life.

However, the authors postulate that substantial supportive research exists for the utilization of exercise therapy in the management of depressive symptoms. The prevalence of such research was occasioned by the realization that psychological therapy and antidepressant medication interventions were fraught with limitations. Al-Qahtani, Ashique, and Shaikh (2018) conducted a literature search of various studies from the year 2006-2017 regarding the efficacy of exercise as a treatment intervention for depression as well as the possible pathways through which exercise modulates depressive symptoms. The review of the numerous researches confirmed that exercise plays a beneficial role in depression as seen in the enhancement of the outcomes as well as the multifarious psychobiological parameters examined. Therefore, the articles by Al-Qahtani, Ashique, and Shaikh (2018) and Schuch et al. (2017) support the fundamental premise of the author’s PICOT statement, which is that exercise therapy is more effective in depression management compared to pharmacological interventions with antidepressants.

Using a minimum of two articles that are supporting your PICOT question, submit one paragraph synthesizing the research into clear, concise statements without separately reviewing each of the studies in the paragraph—but by paraphrasing and synthesizing the work that was done.

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