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Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Part 2: Academic Resources and Strategies

Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Part 2: Academic Resources and Strategies

Academic Resources that can be Applied to MSN Program

The first resource includes nursing journals. The wide range nursing journals are critical for MSN students in providing additional resources to improve their nursing knowledge. Essentially, research is a critical component in nursing because it helps in establishing best practices and enhances patient care (Boswell & Cannon, 2018). Therefore, the findings from different research journals can help the students to correct certain misunderstandings and create new knowledge. Journals can also help MSN students to respond to changes in the health care sector, government regulations, and patient populations. Besides, the journals help in preparing the students for evidence-based practice by providing guidance and create best practices in the field.

The other resource is nursing research database. Ideally, conducting and writing research papers is widespread while pursuing MSN program. Therefore, while conducting research or writing research paper, nursing research databases are crucial in identifying the appropriate studies (Boswell & Cannon, 2018). Some of the important databases include bibliographic databases such as CINAHL and PubMed for updated research literature and full text databases such as the Cochrane Library for systematic reviews. The final resource is nursing conferences which are essential in offering MSN student to advance professionally by learning new nursing ideas and current practice changes in the industry. It also helps students to start networking with other students and nurses.

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Professional Resources Applied in Nursing Practice

The professional resources applied in general nursing practice include professional nursing organizations  which provide nurses with certification opportunities, promotion of utilization of evidence-based practices to help in coping with routine changes in health care sector, continuing education, and educational conferences, role-related competencies. These organizations also help in collaborative exchange of nursing insights, and nurses benefit from a foundation anchored on shared professional experiences. The other resource is the scope of practice (SOP). This resource illustrates the services that professional nurses are deemed able and authorized to perform depending on their professional licenses (CDC, 2020). The final resource include clinical resources which encompass education, practice and information tools that help nurses to stay updated in providing best possible care. It also involve being abreast with current regulations, clinical guidelines, and research and evidence-based proposals (American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 2020).

Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Part 2: Academic Resources and Strategies

How to use these Resources, and their Academic and Professional Benefits

These resources will be used to collect insights from professionals and other nursing students to obtain better educational experiences. The resources also entail professional and educational advices and they act as innovative platform for MSN students to develop professionally, learn skills relevant to the field, and get compelling information to further the MSN studies. Essentially, nursing education at MSN level requires better understanding and experience in quality care provision and improvement techniques, care management, redefined roles of nurses in a reformed health care sector, and systems-level transformation management. As such, MSN program should serve as a basis for lifelong learning. Therefore, these resources will be beneficial preparing MSN trained nurses to be prepared to encounter diverse patients’ needs, act as leaders, and promote science and nursing interventions that help patients and equip health care providers to provide quality and safe health care to patients to improve their outcomes.




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